Trump empowers generation of free thinkers


President Donald J. Trump is shaping the minds of young adults for the better by heightening the consequences of doing nothing.

In my opinion, the more we discover about what is going on in the White House the more we will try to change our situation, in this way he makes us a better country.

As a first world country, we have a lot of privileges.

America is taken care of with national security, welfare and regulations.

When the president doesn’t consult experts and report facts to the best of his knowledge and ability back to Americans the nation cannot be expected to have an equal understanding of the current state of the country.

Trump in my opinion understands the role of presidents and uses it as a highway for legally taking money from the people and giving it to the richest Americans.

Trump is not as stupid as we’d like to think.

Media and opinions on the Internet making him out to be “this idiot” clouds the reality of symbiotic business deals in the making between the Trump administration and corporations like Walmart or AT&T for example.

According to NPR Economics Correspondent John Ydstie: “AT&T could be thinking that saying the tax cut motivated the company to pay big bonuses to workers might just get the Trump administration to ease its opposition to the deal.”

Trump has built an empire; he is at the height of society and knows how to stay there. Does that sound like a stupid man to you?

I think the media is correct about Trump being a bad president but by focusing on his failures it causes the viewers to ignore the possibility that we are all playing into his hands by shouting over one another in disagreement because in the end we just create noise that will eventually fade and be forgotten leaving behind the fact that Trump has implemented semi-permanent articles of legislation in favor of the minority of Americans.

He knows what he is doing; he knows how to get things done.

Emma Gonzalez, survivor of the Parkland massacre, gave me the strength to realize something I assume we all know: Trump is OUR president. He works for US. And Gonzalez, along with so many other activists, has started the plans to put him to work.

While the president pins belief systems against one another I believe people are thinking beyond those restrictions instead of being hung up on the noise he creates.

Trump gives us a cause to be the whistle blowers for things we care about.

We must be grateful for opportunity to live in our melting pot of a country, people from all types of backgrounds come to America to share ideas and learn. One crappy president cannot stop the flow of free thinkers.

Instead of the president telling us that we need to have hope he has shifted the roles where we have to now tell each other and ourselves to have hope and find truths.