RTV department launches new website


Following a year and a half of planning, the Delta College Radio and Television Department have a new and independent website for the college radio station KWDC 93.5 FM.

The website went live March 16 and can be accessed at KWDC.FM.

The purposes of the new site is to provide helpful information about the radio station to individuals interested in the RTV program and give a place for students to see content produced.

“It serves two purposes, both internal communication as well as external communication,” said Adriana Brogger, RTV professor and head of the department. 

The internal communication acts as a relay for the students to view each others content and the external communications acts as a pole for networking and communication.

“So, internal would be for students, faculty, and staff. It’s a nice place to go to see your content. We have one section that we’re continuing to work on, and it’s an about our staff. And so, our students who are enrolled in the program develop a little bio and have a photo of themselves on the website. But then that equally serves the external purpose of connecting people who are interested to know more about our radio station.“

At the moment, the website is in its infancy and primarily features work and podcasts done by students, currently enrolled in the RTV program.

However, there are plans to add archived content and other content created by RTV students and incorporating a stronger social media presence on the site, which is excellent news for students who want to see more on the site.

“All I can really say for an RTV website, what it could use is just more videos and more shows, “ said Edward Heitman Gilfillen, RTV student and co-host of the radio show Miserable Media.

“Cause that’s one thing I can see being very beneficial for the website, is that people are able to get their show out there. Not only through talking about it on social media and having it put through the air and the TuneIn app but perhaps we could also get some archive recordings on to the website. So, that way people can look up a show whenever.”

Fellow RTV student and co-host of Miserable Media, Jason Teixeira, was also of a similar opinion on site. 

“The site is in its infancy. So, I think the only thing I have to say at the moment that it is just a little bit bare bones, so to see get a bit more content is something I really want to see.” said Teixeira.

The RTV department is developing an app that will allows listeners to contact the on-air talent.

“You can interact with them via all the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook without leaving the app. And so, in addition to that, you can also hear the live stream. And so all of those components that most listeners would expect from a radio station would be available via the app,” said Brogger.