Delta holds annual CTE Career Fair


On April 26, Delta College held its annual Career Technical Education (CTE) and Workforce Development Career Fair for students in Danner Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The fair hosted 40 plus employers representing assortment industries.

“We have forty plus employers,” said Michelle Castanon, CTE Program Manager. “A variety of different industries that are all within our CTE programs.”

Some of the employers represented at the fair included, but were not limited to, In-Shape, Tesla, Health Career Services, the California Department of Human Resources, Amazon, Walgreens, and WorkNet.

This event serves several purposes, including connecting students with potential employers in fields of interest and presenting employment opportunities.

“The purpose of this event is to connect our students and employers,” said Sokun Somsack, Director of the Strong Workforce Program. “To provide the opportunities, not only the career opportunities but the employment opportunities.”

The opportunities offered by employers ranged from volunteering to full-time employment. Furthermore, these opportunities provide students with invaluable work experience.

“Part-time employment, full-time employment, internship opportunities, volunteering opportunities,” said Castanon. “A lot of the employers are now, since summer is coming up, are really looking to help students gain extra experience.”

This information comes as excellent news for students like Danyal Khan, a nursing major.

“I am looking for a part-time job, possibly over the summer,” said Khan. “I got great feedback from the nursing representatives who gave me some type of directive on where I should start looking for work since I am not certified at the moment.”

Fellow Delta student, Eligio Rodriguez also shares Khan’s opinion.

“I saw a couple of different things, I did not know they were hiring for,” said Rodriguez. “I am hoping to walk away like with a job within the next week because of this event, actually.”

The event also creates awareness for students about the employment opportunities present in Stockton and San Joaquin County.

Furthermore, awareness of what’s waiting for students once their time at Delta comes to an end.

“Helping create awareness for our students,” said Somsack. “So that way they understand that, if they’re pursuing a program here at Delta College, there are real-life employers that have career opportunities or employment opportunities available for them at the end of their journey here, at Delta College.”

This event also helps employers locate qualified students for employment.

“The other purpose is for the employers to connect with students, who are going through specific programs, such as our CTE programs,” said Somsack. “Providing them an opportunity to find qualified people to fill those positions they may need.”

Employers also offer advice for program improvements and knowledge to CTE programs about necessary skills students need to have when entering the workforce.

“Once those employers come on campus, they can tell us how we can improve our programs and meet the industry needs,” said Somsack. “Cause sometimes, if we’re just doing our programs here and we don’t connect with them, then we don’t know what types of tools, what types of skills they need, you know, for the workforce.”