Women can handle themselves


Sometimes the world is against you, now it’s time to push back

Believe it, or not everyone judges;  every single one of us.We do it consciously and subconsciously, because well, we all have an opinion on just about everything, including other people’s lives and their choices.

I’d like to believe I’m a feminist because I believe in the idea that men and women should be on equal playing fields. That being said, I believe women are able to date and explore just how men are praised for doing so.

As a woman in her early twenties, I have a lot going for me. I’ve had a job since I was fourteen, graduated high school, know what I want to do in life and more.

Something I don’t have going for me though, is living my life to my fullest since I’m constantly taking in other people’s opinions, especially when it comes to my dating life.

Newly single after three years, these past couple of months have made me see people differently. I’ve had many people comment on my new life.

From the elderly regulars at my work who told me I need to marry the guy already and stop “wanting to have fun,” to family members telling me “It’s too early to date, you’re not ready,” to others handing out my number to every male they come in contact with. It’s a lot.

The thing  is, none of those opinions matter because no one knows me as well as I know myself.  No one else really knows what my past relationship was like besides me and the other person because not everything is about what’s on social media.

What matters is that I’m doing what I know I’m ready for. Whether that’s making an online dating account, or accepting a date, or getting a guy’s number, I have to learn to do things to make myself happy and to start living my life to the fullest it can be. 

And who knows, maybe those elderly regulars are right. If they are right, I’ll find out on my own through my own journey made of my own choices based on my own opinion of myself and that’s all that matter.