Escape rooms put unique spin on date-night experience

A skeleton prop in the Pirate Adventure room at Limitless Escape Games in Lincoln Center
The Pirate Adventure escape room at Limitless, an escape room business in Lincoln Center, sports a nautical theme. PHOTO BY  NICOLETTE LUNA

If you’re looking for a hot date or just something to do this Valentine’s Day then stop looking and keep reading. 

Escape Rooms are a new trend, so what are they you might ask? 

Live action entertainment said Alexandra Williams from Limitless, an escape room business located in Lincoln Center. 

Patrons are in a room for one hour and the goal is to solve the mystery to escape the room. 

Limitless offers four different themed rooms: Sherlock Holmes, Wizard School, Pirate Adventure and Bank Heist. 

“The rooms fit up to 10 people but can be played by just one person,” said Williams. 

“Tickets are $27.38 per person and that allows patrons to be in a room up to ten people.

Limitless is similar to a movie theater,” said Alexandria, because it’s open Monday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

It’s even open on major holidays such as Christmas. 

The location offers lockers you can put your valuables in because no phones are allowed inside the rooms. 

“If you went here on a date you would discover if the person you were with is your soulmate based on weather or not you get out of the room suc
cessfully,” said Genesta Jackson.  

“This escape room game is good for any occasion between birthday parties to first dates; it’s a great experience and its fun,” said Jackson.

“I like the pirate theme I thought I would be Claustrophobic but it was fun,” said Sarah Moreno.

“Because I already like puzzles. It was very well designed I thought everyone was going to sit at a table and find clues like a board game, but it was better,” said Ariana Moreno.

 Many other people had great things to say about the escape rooms.

Adam Hernandez said it was his fourth time visiting.

“I have done it and it’s the second time I have one, I have a 50 percent ratio at this point,”said Hernandez.

He said that it only took the team 50 minutes to escape and solves the puzzle for pirate adventure.  

Escape rooms have been used for team bonding events, happy hour alternatives, or as Limitless says “a unique date night.”


Limitless Escape Games is located at 280 Lincoln Center in Stockton. Limitless is offering a 15 percent discount with the promo code “DeltaLove.” For more information visit or call (209) 323-5429.