Goodbye lounge: ASDC creates food pantry


On Feb. 4, the Associated Students of Delta College (ASDC) held a meeting to discuss the construction of the food pantry in Shima 101, formerly the Shima lounge. 

ASDC is hoping to “address food insecurities on campus” through the implementation of the food pantry, said Shayla Walker, director of student activities. 

ASDC is planning to get donations from local farmers and the Stockton Emergency Food Bank. 

“Fifteen percent of students on campus have food insecurities,” said Walker.

ASDC plans to carry items such as food, clothing and toiletries, all free for Delta students in need.

“I think that’s very kind that they’re doing this since the majority of students on campus live off of financial aid which can take a while to come in,” said student Shahzad Azghar. 

Certain kinks need to be worked out so there is no official set date to when this food pantry will open but ASDC anticipates completion toward the end of the semester. 

 “I feel like this is really important because things here should be cheaper, especially for students like me who don’t qualify for financial aid,” said student Dannisha Chandler.