Kevin Kyle leads Delta pitching staff

Kevin Kyle thows a pitch against De Anza
Kevin Kyle throws a pitch against De Anza. Photo by Marshal Romo

“Baseball has always been apart of my life before I could even walk, my dad would sit me up and roll me a ball and I would throw it back to him,” said pitcher Kevin Kyle.

As a junior in high school, Kyle committed to Sacramento State to play baseball, but was injured and had to undergo Tommy John surgery. His plans changed.

“I stopped doing well in school so I decommitted and decided Delta was the right spot for me,” said Kyle.

In his first year back from surgery, Kyle was named co-MVP during the state championship last year.

Kyle has had an outstanding 40 strikeouts in 30 innings pitched with a record of 3-0; he is an important asset to the team’s pitching staff.

Having his dads’ support throughout his baseball career is something special to him.

“When it comes to someone who inspires me, it has to be my dad. He also played and was a pitcher but he got hurt and didn’t have the money or resources I had to get surgery and continue to play,” said Kyle.

Before moving on to San Jose State, Kyle provides Delta a good chance to have just as good of a season as last season.

Kyle hopes to play baseball for as long as he can and ultimately hopes to one day play in the Major Leagues.