Jonas Brothers’ reunion makes us ‘suckers’ for them


Cause I am burnin’ up, burnin’ up, for you baby.”

One line. That’s all it takes for most women who came of age around 2005 to remember their first Man Crush Monday.

The Jonas Brothers are back with a bang releasing the trio’s first song as a reunited band titled “Sucker” on Feb. 28, which already has 64 million views on YouTube.

“It was iconic,” said Emma Hevert, Delta student, referring to the Jonas Brothers comeback.

The song sounds similar to the Joe Jones’s work performed with his band DNCE — but with Nick’s spin.

While Joe had taken up the lead singer part in DNCE, which had songs featured in movies like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2: Out of the Shadows,” Nick has starred in movies and television shows. He’s most known for his role in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” as Alex Vreeke. Nick continued his music career with hit singles that included “Jealous.”

Kevin left the spotlight and put his focus on family life.

Of course there were rumors about the the band getting back together, but this latest release makes it official.

The song itself is very addicting, and the video is insane.

With the lyrics including lines like “I will follow you through the dark, you the medicine and the pain” and “I am a sucker for all the subliminal things … And you’re making the typical me break my typical rules,” it not hard to guess the brothers were inspired by the women in their lives, going as far as featuring them in the music video.

“I liked it. It looked crazy. They kind of remind me of that Maroon 5 song,” said Jaspreet Kaur, Delta student.

The costuming for the video looks like it came straight from the runway with how outrageous it is.

The Jonas Brothers significant others Danielle Deleasa, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner are seen in faux furs and ruffled dresses with accessories ranging from sunglasses, gloves, head dresses, steel hats, oversized pearls, and feathers.

The costuming and the props definitely worked in the ladies favor being they outshined the brothers suits that had detailed sequins, polka dots and studs. As a whole the costumes were breathtaking but made it much more crazy.

“The song is really good, I really liked the beat. It’s pretty crazy, I guess it goes with the song. It’s a power comeback,” said Pari Kaur, Delta student.

Besides all the fact they started off strong there are people who think it won’t be long until they leave once again.

“I think it’s good for them but they won’t last. I mean they are all married and everything,” said Yami Uyoa, Delta student.