What hidden talents are your hands hiding?


Every community is filled with people with different artistic views and talents. Many have great work to be shown and shared with the public.

Brittany Alexander of Modesto is the Event Coordinator for Social Hour Events, run with  brother Kay who DJs and networks with other DJs and artists for the events.

Social Hour is a “Community-driven organization dedicated to providing space for artistic expression and creative connection,” according to the  @SocialHour_ Instagram page.

The two support and promote artists following their passion and help get their work out by putting on art shows, parties for various occasions and live music events.

With each show they’re looking for and making connections with new and different artists to give them an opportunity to exhibit and share their art with the community.

They also are always looking for new locations and venues in different areas to put on events to tap in and bring local creative minds together.

For many artists at these events it may be their first time exhibiting their work or being involved in an event not really knowing what to expect.

“I like watching people look at my paintings and their expressions,” said Kendranay’denise Jones, one of the artists who was exhibiting for her first time featured at the Feb. 17 art show at Ralston’s Goat in Modesto.

“I was like, it’ll  be an experience to try to see if anyone would wanna buy anything,” said Jones.

What is art to you? There are many like minded people out there that share similar views, feelings and passions.

“It gives me a sense of living, happiness and strength. Without it, I’d be lost and not sure of anything. Art is my direction in life, I need it and it needs me,” said artist Marisa Segovia.

Follow Social Hour Events of Facebook, @SocialHour_ on Instagram or email SociaHour.Modesto@Gmail.com to get in contact and for more information on events.