Scandal, manipulation, comedy and high school musical numbers all in Netflix’s ‘The Politcian’


Netflix has released another instant hit, “The Politician,” starring Ben Platt (“Pitch Perfect”), Zoey Dutch (“Beautiful Creatures”), Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Lange. 

The new original is about winning an election — but not a regular one. A high school student body election is the focus. 

The twist is that they are using tactics that opponents in an actual government election would use, with scandals and past behaviors brought to light. There is even an episode on how to acquire the school’s minority and swing vote.

It also focuses on the main character Payton Hobart, an adopted senior who strives for nothing but perfection. 

His whole life is planned out, from what college he is attending, to his future wife and his goal to be president of the United States. 

Along with his plan he has his childhood best friends, who double as his advisors — and his damage control. 

They make sure that nothing gets in the way of him winning this private school election.

 This includes having to do a background check on his running mate Infinity Jackson, a special ed student with leukemia who lives with her money-hungry grandmother, who has her past secrets as well and one that affects the election at hand.

This show is a must watch for viewers who enjoy politics and high school drama — as well as for musical fans who know who Ben Platt is.