Making a love connection at Delta College

Not quite 'love at first sight' for couple celebrating 15 years


People might not think back to the place they went to junior college and remember anything remarkable about it. For one Stockton couple, Delta College will always hold a place in their hearts.

Mark and Mirasol Palileo’s story started here on campus close to 15 years ago, but it wasn’t love at first sight.

Neither recalls a great first impression. Mirasol remembers thinking Mark was cute and could be her next boyfriend but her friend thought he wasn’t her type so Mirasol wrote him off.

Mark had similar feelings at first. 

“She was not initially my type because she was too flirty and outgoing and very forward which I was not comfortable with at first because I was very introverted, shy and reserved before I met her,” said Mark. 

Neither of them ever imagined they would end up where they are now. 

Mirasol thought Mark “was going to be another guy who would just come and go,” and Mark “could have never imagined [they] would still be together and almost hitting 15 years of relationship in April 2020.” 

In February, the two “spent the whole day just reliving where [they] first met, where [they] first held hands and when [they] first started officially dating over 14 years ago,” said Mark. 

Both remember their relationship evolving quickly. 

They went from thinking they wouldn’t get along, to Mark going out of his way to visit Mirasol at work. 

“I thought he called my work and asked what time my lunch break was, but he said he didn’t and came because he just wanted to see me… of course I invited him to lunch,” said Mirasol. 

She goes on to explain how Mark asked her to “meet [him] halfway” and how she understood that to mean that he wanted to continue to get to know her but very soon after, they determined they were in a relationship. 

They’ve been together since April 15, 2005 and have now been married for over 5 years.

“I don’t think we would have crossed paths at all if we hadn’t gone to Delta,” said Mark. 

If the motivation to learn isn’t enough for you, the next time you question whether you should go to class, keep in mind that you could very well meet the love of your life there.

“Be serious about relationships, friendships and being there for people, eventually you will find someone that you are compatible with,” said Mark.