Black Lives Matter Vs. Trump Riot

Trump supporters are identified as protesters, treated with care after storming the Capitol in contrast to Black Lives Matter protesters identified as rioters, met with horrendous consequences

Left: police form line in the street during protests in D.C. on the night of May 31, 2020. PHOTO BY BRETT WEINSTEIN. Right: a screenshot from the capital raid live stream Trump supporter is photographed taking a selfie with police officer on Jan.6. PHOTOILLUSTRATION BY ROBYN JONES

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, religion and the press. It also protects the right to peacefully protest and to petition the government. 

It’s amazing, then, that respecting basic human rights is so difficult to do. 

Black men and women have been dealing with an ongoing fight for years. The Black Lives Matter movement began in July 2013 due to the George Zimmerman case, but the gears were turned up higher in May 2020, after the death of George Floyd. Children and adults of different ethnicities across the United States banded together running peaceful protests in masses to get their point across. 

According to History a website that publishes historical articles, the First Amendment is dated back to 1791 when the bill was adopted along with nine others. The right to petition the government was put in place to allow people to speak freely and stand up for what they believe in.

Why is it that participants of the #BLM movements are denied their First Amendment right? So much for being here to serve and protect the people. 

The week prior to Floyd’s case cities were flooded with protestors with the hope the officers involved in Floyd’s death are held accountable for his death.

While Black Lives Matter protestors faced serious repercussions from law enforcement for exercising their First Amendment right, the domestic terrorists who stormed Capitol Hill were seen taking selfies with police officers.

The only difference is that they were mostly white.

Jan. 6  was a day no one expected. Groups of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C. after a rally. The group was angered that politicians were finalizing the 2020 election that saw Democrat Joe Biden win the presidency.

Pictures posted across social media show these rioters carrying out official podiums, holding zip-ties fashioned to look similar to handcuffs, and taking selfies in places only our elected leaders should be.

This group was not treated the same as the BLM protestors.

 They were treated with respect,.

Why? Because they were white and supported Trump. 

One rioter was even peacefully escorted down the stairs. 

In comparison, BLM protestors were tear gassed, beaten, and shot at with rubber bullets. 

Videos from the Capitol show officials opening barriers to allow the rioters through otherwise restricted areas.

Trump allowed this to happen in many U.S. cities, his response to it all was calling them terrorists and rioters.

What the difference between STORMING A CAPITOL versus WALKING A STREET IN SOLIDARITY! 

The difference being Trump supporters are rioters with terrorist intentions. His very own people that he wouldn’t call troops out on. 

If these people were Black and passionate about their cause, the situation would have ended differently. Let it have been a BLM protest, the streets would be filled with tanks and armed response. . 

Our country is divided, because of acts like this. You can’t march in honor of lost loves due to police brutality, you can’t march in hopes of being heard, you can’t make petitions to help their families and receive justice for those long gone without being called a terrorist and a rioter. Being upset that your president lost, resulting in you storming federal buildings though is definitely okay as long as you’re a white Trump supporter. 

A slap on the wrist will be okay.

It doesn’t make sense.