Ins and outs of making a music video


Do you know what goes into making a music video?

You can learn from Delta College’s RTV Multimedia Department.

The Radio Television department offers video and audio classes that will point you in the right direction if you have the passion and the drive.

You have to learn the ins and outs of the program and learn from feedback. Challenge yourself to do better. Motivation is the key to success.
Begin with basic video editing programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. Then move on to more advanced programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects. Learning these programs will increase your knowledge in editing.

These programs at first can be very daunting. each require multiple steps and each tool do different things. They don’t hold your hand so have to know what each editing tool does.

You also need to believe in yourself and stay focused on your goal.

Remember practice makes perfect.
As you learn the programs, you’ll also want to start planning your video.

You need to write a script and then create storyboards.

The storyboard is the most important part of a video because it shows the sequence of scenes.
The script keeps actors on point in each frame.

When you are ready to collaborate with the director and the production team, you are ready to begin filming.

At this point it is time to work with the director to start the shooting the music video. Then check with the lighting operator to make sure you have the proper lighting setup.

If you are using a three camera shoot, you need to use the switch board to switch from camera to camera.

The process of production is composed of the three P’s: Pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-production is the process of preparing all the elements involved in a music video.

Production is where the basic elements of the film are recorded.

Post-production is the editing process including the integration of video and audio. Follow these three P’s and your music video will turn out well.