Losing the holiday spirit: Take the commercialism out of the season


When we think of holidays we usually think of times that we spend with family and friends enjoying food and much needed quality time together.

In recent years, however, there has been an increase in the commercialism that comes with “the most wonderful time of the year.”

The message in the popular holiday song has lost its true meaning especially when we consider the Christmas season to be the biggest shopping time of the year.

Before Oct. 31 has even come and gone, consumers can see Christmas-themed commercials alongside commercials of M&Ms that want to join the Halloween party.

When we walk into stores such as Wal-Mart and Target, we end up seeing Halloween decorations near Christmas lights and trees.

We should just focus on one holiday at a time because life is already fast-paced enough.

We shouldn’t allow our holidays to simply come and go.

We should enjoy the holidays as well as the feeling this time of the year gives us — something that gifts wrapped in fancy paper and bows can’t.

The annual shopping day known as Black Friday has begun earlier in recent years because most stores plan on being open Thanksgiving.

Have we forgotten why we celebrate Thanksgiving?

Do most of us realize that it’s more than just a holiday that allows us to eat turkey and stuffing until our stomachs are about to explode?

It is actually meant to be a day that we give thanks for what we have. That includes friends and family, not so much material possessions.

Christmas is a religious holiday meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s not a day to see who can get the best presents money can buy.

Companies are forgetting the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas because many companies seem to only care about making more money while employees miss out on spending time with family and friends.

Shopping malls even use Santa Claus as a way to lure shoppers to purchase products. Right after the turkey is done on Thanksgiving Day, people are focused on how to beat the crowds to get Black Friday shopping done before most of us are awake.

Holidays such as Christmas aren’t days that we should focus on shopping. Instead, we should focus on being with family and friends, going to midnight mass on Christmas Eve, enjoying eggnog, hot chocolate and cookies next to the fireplace or watching a Christmas movie.

We also need to try to bring Christ back in Christmas. Once we do, the season will have an even more special meaning for us every year on Dec. 25 than the excitement of opening presents on Christmas morning.