No Smoking At All On Campus


As of July 14, Delta College became a Tobacco-Free campus. This new policy makes it difficult for many students who smoke standard cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and hookah pipes to enjoy a quick smoke break between classes. During the fall 2013, Delta’s smoking policy forced smokers out to the parking lots.

If a student was caught smoking anywhere else it would be considered a violation of Student Code of Conduct. This new long-talked about policy was passed on Dec. 17, 2013. Students, faculty and staff now have no other choice but to leave campus when they plan on smoking or take the risk of being fined anywhere from $33 to $100 depending on the number of offenses accumulated.

This raises the question: Will making Delta College a Tobacco-Free campus have a major impact on smokers? I decided to take this matter to the people on campus that are affected by this new law. “I think it’s ridiculous that we can get fined for smoking in the parking, just for taking a quick smoke between classes… We’re not bothering anybody,” said Delta College student Lamar Tucker.

In past semesters students have had the luxury of hanging out in the parking lots and walkways, lighting up before and between classes but with this new policy in place the campus looks more like a place of business than a hang out spot. “At one point there used to be the same five or more people lounging in the back of Shima. I started to think, do these people even take classes,” said Delta student Samantha Wilson.

Personally I’ve never had a problem with smoking on campus, in certain designated areas. If not being able to smoke cigarettes for a few hours is a pain in your backside, then you have a serious problem with nicotine. Seeking help with your addiction might be something you should try doing, if this you.

The days of smoking cigarettes freely wherever you want are long gone. Even some department stores won’t allow smoking in front of their store, while you wait for your friends to finish shopping. Now that going GREEN is a big phenomenon, more and more changes are being put in place to stop people from polluting the air, along with passing on second hand smoke.

Though everyone is not going to agree with the policy on campus, sometimes change is for the better. Smokers who have been smoking for years are never happy when told they cannot smoke at their leisure, but at the end of the day at least you’re saving yourself a few cigarettes for later on throughout the day.