Easter is destroying the planet


Traditional American Easter traditions are horrible for the planet. If you are Eco-conscious like I am, the sight of plastic eggs, toys, and GRASS makes you cringe.

Aisles of colorful, single-use decorations aren’t practical. Who buys 500 packs of eggs only to buy 500 more the next year? I miss the simplicity of bright vinegar.

Whether or not you celebrate Easter, the point is rebirth. Spring is the time of new life.

The earth is fighting for life as we speak thanks to all the plastic amassing in the ocean. 

Plastic grass is the most hypocritical and spiteful holiday decoration ever to be sold. For a holiday focused around spring and regrowth this all this plastic pollution ensures there will be less green in the coming years.

The tradition of Easter baskets can be a joyous memory for children, unfortunately this furthers corporate agenda to associate holidays with spending money. 

If you love the planet, give your loved ones actual grass with their chocolate bunnies.