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Caltrans Allegedly Mistreats Homeless

December 13, 2016 9:22 am0 comments

A line of tents runs along the slough, directly under the Interstate 5 freeway. It doesn’t always stay along Weber Avenue, though. Sometimes the individuals who sleep there are moved, forced to relocate throughout the month. These people – some with mental health issues, some veterans and others just down […]

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Entrepreneur program sets future for locals

8:55 am0 comments
Entrepreneur program sets future for locals

The Downtown Stockton Alliance, in partnership with BBVA Compass Bank, has commissioned Centro Community Partners to run a nine-week Basic Entrepreneurs Workshop for the next year. “Entrepreneurship and small businesses run this country …we wanted to create an initiative to help small business, build entrepreneurship and create economic liability in […]

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Micro-Transactions: Have They Gone too Far?

December 12, 2016 10:21 pm0 comments

Over the past few years, an increasing number of full-price video game titles have had micro transactions, real money payments for in-game items, for example in game currency or a weapon skin, in them. Although somewhat benign, they have started to have a seemingly negative effect on many of the […]

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Women identify as ‘nasty’ after Trump comment

10:19 pm0 comments

The final 2016 presidential debate on Oct. 19 was the last opportunity for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump to reach undecided voters. The debate covered issues impacting American people including gun control, national debt, women’s health rights and immigration.  When Chris Wallace, the moderator, asked the […]

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Trump win reverberates

10:17 pm0 comments

The days following the 2016 Presidential election in November were met with fear, protests and an overwhelming feeling of distress for people living in America. Since Donald Trump’s president-elect victory many minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) groups, and concerned citizens have spoken about what the future of America […]

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Games to Look out for during holidays

10:11 pm0 comments

With the holidays coming up and and most of this year’s games on the market, you may be looking into what games to buy. here’s a quick list of some games you should check out. Kicking things off is this year’s biggest new intellectual property, “Overwatch.” A refreshing drop of […]

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Delta hosts Northern California Regional tournament

8:13 pm0 comments

Delta College will be hosting the Northern California Regional wrestling tournament on Saturday, Dec. 3. “We hosted regionals three or four years ago and hosted state the following year, we weren’t supposed to have regionals, but the team that was supposed to do it couldn’t do it so we’re excited […]

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Fall marks opening, closing for Delta college teams

8:12 pm0 comments

Delta College sport teams have seen ups and downs this season. There are teams in the beginning in their season, teams that didn’t make it to playoffs and teams going to state championships.   FOOTBALL The Mustang football team finished the season with an 2-8 record. The team had one […]

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Delta wrestler doubles as Stagg coach

8:09 pm0 comments

Being a college athlete is tough. Athletes balance school, sports and jobs. That’s the case for Delta College wrestler Dao Tep, who isn’t only wrestling for Delta, he’s also the head coach for Stagg High School. “It’s very busy, lucky for me I have an assistant coach picking up the […]

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Delta celebrates opening of $3.8 million field

8:07 pm0 comments

On Oct. 11 Delta College held a ceremony celebrating the opening of the school’s news soccer complex. The ceremony followed two soccer games.   The first game was the Lady Mustangs against Cosumnes River Community College. The team won 1-0. The second game was a 0-3 loss for  the men’s […]

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Women’s soccer having successful season

8:04 pm0 comments

The Delta Mustangs women’s soccer team is currently 7-2-1. The team had won 7 straight games, before losing to Santa Rosa Jr College, and Folsom Lake College. The soccer team’s last game, versus Diablo Valley College, finished in a tie with. Diablo Valley is the number one ranked team in […]

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Alumni attack in water

8:02 pm0 comments

On Sept. 18, the men’s water polo team held its annual alumni game were former Delta college players take on current Mustangs. “It was great we love having our alumni back, it was fun I did have a steal convert attack assist for the game winner, and it’s nice that […]

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Player leaves Nebraska to be a Mustang

8:01 pm0 comments

The Delta College Mustangs have a team of 53 players  but only one who transferred in from a Division I school. Derrion Grim, a former local high school football player who graduated from McNair, recently returned to Stockton after being accepted to the University of Nebraska. Grim spent the summer […]

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Nine ways the 90’s are making a comeback

2:08 pm0 comments

While it’s not uncommon for certain decades to influence one another, 2016 has definitely received a heavy dose of the 90’s. Chokers: Whether you love them or hate them, chokers have officially resurrected. From Melissa Joan-Hart to Rihanna, chokers can be found in all sorts of different materials, such as […]

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Proposition 55: The best option for U.S. school system?

December 11, 2016 8:07 pm0 comments

The students of California have once seen the effects of a lack of funding and teachers. Now they might have to relive a sub-par educational system they survived years before. Prop 55 is an extension of prop 30 that, if passed, will keep the original proposition in place. The new […]

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Couple crafts future in Delta College ceramics class

7:57 pm0 comments

When one is getting ready to head off to campus, the thought of meeting their future fiancé in one of their classes may seem silly; but for Delta Students Alfred Ambriz and Nancy Cross, this would be the beginning of an engagement. of meeting the one of Some people think […]

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‘Fantastic Beasts’ rebuilds the wizarding world

2:27 pm0 comments

The long-awaited addition to the Harry Potter movie universe “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was released on Nov. 18 to further our understanding of the wizarding world we have all come to love. This story starts as the wizarding community is put on edge in 1920s New York […]

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Holiday traditons

December 8, 2016 1:23 pm0 comments
Holiday traditons

The Collegian asked students about their holiday traditions.

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Colleges, cities adopt ‘sanctuary’ statuses

1:14 pm0 comments

A safe haven is defined as a place of refuge or security, a sanctuary of sort. Sanctuary is the word to define this predicament. As a result of the Nov. 8 election people have started taking steps to protect undocumented immigrants against president-elect Donald Trump. Students have joined the Trump […]

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Young voters optimistic leading to election

1:11 pm0 comments

First-time voters sometimes stand in silence, as if they didn’t want to know what the person in front or behind them was thinking or whom they be voting for, along with the other hundred or so experienced voters waiting for their shot at the ballot on Nov. 8. Ebony Gonzales, […]

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